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Wuyang Holiday Hotel Hangzhou

Wuyang Holiday Hotel Hangzhou is located next to the willow wave warbler on Nanshan Road, which is full of artistic flavor. It is closely related to the blue water of a lake. It meets the corner of China Academy of fine arts. You can enjoy the sunset of Leifeng mountain, the sunset of gems, the three islands of the West Lake, the starry sky of the capital of Song Dynasty, the sunset of Leifeng mountain, the flying clouds of the City God, the scenery of the blue wave mountain, and the misty rain.
The hotel adopts art from neoclassicism to modernism ? Deco decoration design style is based on large area of black and white style, decorated with colorful leather products and cloth accessories, emphasizing clean geometric lines, and containing the ingenuity and ingenuity of designers from all over the world.
The hotel specially invited a team of famous designers to create more than 100 theme rooms with different styles to meet the needs of different guests. Haocai Chinese restaurant carefully selects high-quality local dishes from Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces to present authentic flavor. Let you stay at home, you can taste all kinds of authentic native dishes in the fashionable restaurant full of neoclassical charm.

Breakfast price: CNY78($11.6) / person


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Wuyang Holiday Hotel Hangzhou
Tel: +86-571-87655678
Add.: 109 Qingbo street, Nanshan Road, near LIULANG Wenying park